Win the world 2016-2017

Win the world 2016-2017

  • Y2017

    Deployed in the world, respectively, in Kazakhstan, and other 12 countries.

  • June, 2016

    Become the Great Wall car suppliers

  • Y2017

    Successful research and development of intelligent robots, will be used for automated assembly line.

  • Y2017

    Magnetic industry first intelligent factory in Weihai Rushan started.

  •  June,2016

    Settled in Qingdao Chengyang Tianan Digital City headquarters building.

  • Dec. ,2016

    Access to national high-tech enterprise certificate.

  • Nov. ,2016

    Successful research and development of two-color machine quick mold change system.

  • June,2016

    European CE certification.

  • April, 2016

    CHINAPLAS international rubber and plastics exhibition, moving forward global market.

  • Mar. 2016

    Completed the shareholding system reform, renamed Lici Electric Inc.

  • Jan. ,2016

    Southwest Regional Service Center was established.

List market 2014-2015

List market 2014-2015

  • Sep. ,2015

    In Qingdao blue ocean equity trading center successfully listed (stock code: 800296), Usher in a new era of development.

  •  Aug. 2015

    LICI products obtained IS09001 quality management system certification.

  • Jan. , 2015

    Southern China, Eastern China service centers have been established.

Fame 2012-2013

Fame 2012-2013

  • Sep. ,2013

    Wuxi, Suzhou, Wudian, Yiantai-Weihai office established.

  • May,2013

    Won the "Mayor Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Competition Award.

  • Oct. ,2012

    Become a Haier Group supplier.

  • Sep. , 2012

    Weihai Technology Center was established.

  •  Aug. ,2012

    Become a Hisense supplier.

  • June, 2012

    Become Dongfeng car suppliers.

  • April, 2012

    Large steel plate spreader delivery.

  • Feb. 2012

    The first batch of quick mold change system for injection molding machine was delivered.

Accumulate strength 2009-2011

Accumulate strength 2009-2011

  • Dec. ,2011

    Shenyang office established.

  • Nov. ,2011

    Taizhou office established.

  • June,2010

    HIT (Weihai) together with the establishment of magnetic technology research institute.

  • May, 2010

    HIT (Weihai) signed a manufacturing and research cooperation.

  • April, 2010

    New factory & Headquarters settled in Qingdao Chengyang District.

  • Feb. ,2010

    Preparing the shareholders' meeting to set up Qingdao Lici Electric Co., Ltd.

Ready for flying high 2005-2008

Ready for flying high 2005-2008

  • Y2007

    The first solution to the electro-permanent magnet chuck prototype production.

  • Y2006

    Solve the problem of electro-permanent magnetic chuck.

  • Y2005

    Focus on magnetic technology research.

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