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QMC of Injection molding - Lici Electric


Injection molding machine for 50-4000 tons.

Monochrome machine, two-color machine, multi-color machine can be configured.

EPI-S series

  • Movanle magnetic platen

  • Fixed magnetic platen


Electro-permanent magnet technology design keeps magnet permanent.

Protection grade IP68.

Steel plate, one-take shaping.

UP to 150 degree.

Proximity sensor.

Centering ring(Fixed platen).

Human-machine Interface

  • Type:QMC300

  • Type:QMC600


Smart touch screen.

Guided operating system.

Multiple logic control for each step.

Password authorization, mold storehouse management.

Timeout logout automatically.

Automatic diagnostic system.

Mode Exchange Switch Authorization Key

  • Type:MS-201

  • Type:AK-101


Simultaneously distinguish working status:
When the switch is located in the production status, the injection molding machine can work automatically, all operations of magnetic platen willbe prohibited. When the switch is located in the mold change status, could make mold exchange, the injection molding machine can only work in manual mode.
(Only applicable to Euromap70.0 manual mold exchange equipment)


Adopt FRID encryption algorithm technology, different authorization level could unlock different operations to guarantee the productionsafe and reliable. 

Main electric control cabinet

  • Type:C3

  • Type:C5

  • Type:C7


High protection grade.

Two installation methods.

Display design makes the maintenance and problem diagnosis convenient.

With the communication between IMM and magnetic platen realize the data communication.

Safe pre-warning function, eliminate hidden dangers.

Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Expand Contraction
  • More Safe

    Keep the magnetic force without electricity for more than 30years

  • Super Energy saving

    Save electric energy by more than 95%

  • Super High efficiency

    Improve efficiency by more than 80%

  • Super Environmental protection

    Environmental protection,no pollution

  • Super intelligent

    High sensing technology, real-time feedback

  • More durable

    Reduce mold deformation, longer lifetime

Latest technology
Latest technology
  • All steel sealing panel
  • Double pole Technology
  • Remote monitoring real time feedback
  • Visualization of human machine interface
  • patented product
Clamping comparison
Clamping comparison

Take a 3300 tons IMM for example:

Traditional mold changing method needs 5 persons and 4 hours to finish the procedure, while using our quick mold change system, 1 person and 20 minutes is enough.

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