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Quick Clamping of Machining - Lici Electric


SPS series electric permanent magnetic chuck

  • SPS series electric permanent magnetic chuck


Advanced electro-permanent magnetic technology with powerful & constant clamping force to ensure the safety of machining process.

Simplify the processing equipment, shorten production cycle, improve production efficiency. 

The products are of high rigidity and high precision, which will provide enough protection for the top manufacturing industry.

Based on modular design, it is flexible enough to meet the requirements of various parts.

Electric permanent magnet controller

  • Type:EPM5

    Single channel

  • Type:EPM5i

    Dual channel

  • Type:EPM7

    Four channels


Product feature of EPM5

Simple setup, all function parameters are easily set by keyboard.

The time of demagnetization, intensity of magnetization could be adjusted continuously. The results of demagnetization of all kinds of soft or hard magnetic materials are very satisfied. 

Integrated design, reliable products performance.

Small volume, easy installation & debugging.

Product feature of EPM5i 

The control system will automatically detect and estimate the input voltage and switch the output circuit automatically. 

Be of function of weak magnet and magnetization/demagnetization anti-jamming to be suitable for the customer site conditions.

The products have been passed the highest level of EMC test, good anti-jamming capability, safe and reliable. 

Dual channel output design could achieve multi-magnetic chuck controlling. 

Product feature of EPM7

Intelligent control, easy to operate, all functions could be easily set by keyboard.

Integrated design, reliable product performance.

The controller has no output in standby status or after the success of magnetization.

Undercurrent indication, overcurrent protection function.

Have the week/ strong magnetization function.

Wave range switch or external encoder is optional to set the magnetic force. 

Wire controller

  • Type:RC400


Digital all-touch operation panel for remote operation line controller.

Friendly interface, simple and easy to work.

Built-in acoustic light alarm system.

Authorization operation for easy management and operation.

Power supply cable

  • Type:CAB1


Good quality copper wire, good thermal conductivity.

Nylon corrugated sheath protection, good toughness, waterproof and oil resistant.

Communication cable

  • Type:CAB3


High quality shielding communication cable, strong anti-jamming capability.

Single line number is clearly defined and convenient for quick wiring.

Real-time communication of machine & controller to achieve safe and intelligent operation.

Discharge cable

  • Type:CAB2


Oil resistant transparent PVC material exterior sheath, anti-acid & alkali, beautiful & gorgeous.

Galvanized anti-oxidized steel wire with inner sheath, increase the strength of cable wire, shielding electromagnetic interference from outside.

Quick water-proof plug for easy connection of controller and magnetic chuck.

Expand Contraction
  • More Safe

    Keep the magnetic force without electricity for more than 30years

  • Super Energy saving

    Save electric energy by more than 95%

  • Super High efficiency

    Improve efficiency by more than 80%

  • Super Environmental protection

    Environmental protection,no pollution

  • Super intelligent

    High sensing technology, real-time feedback

Clamping comparison

  • Could process step workpiece and well-adapted.

    Could clamp rough surface of workpiece to reduce the clamping frequency.

    Self-adapt to the ups and downs of the workpiece, the larger the contact area, the more the clamping force. 

  • Solid: H series (H50/H70)

    Bomb: ES series (ES50/ES70)

Magnetic blocks

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