Our business principles of operation are

cherish the name behind, not the immediate benefit.

Li Chuan

(President & CEO)

Institute of Magnetic Technology (vice director)
To create a Quick Mold Change industry's first listed companies

I believe that Lici Electric Inc. Shall taking this obligation to comply with social morality, leading the industry together to create on behalf of China to a high standard, more advanced and more practical technology products, rather than the pursuit of profit maximization.
So we retain the basic profits, so that the remaining profits as much as possible into a higher quality products and more perfect service. So that every user who used magnetic products, said magnetic products is good to introduce to others, our customers,  this is so called the sustainable development of the industry.

CEO legend experience+

Brand concept

"Tai Chi astrotech, magnet has two poles".

  • Lici electric

  • Magnetic pole

  • Tai chi

In the direction of ancient road to identify by two poles, Tai Chi Yin and Yang said to people, in the direction of above concept means logistics or flow. Lici Electric Inc. understand the essence of Tai_ji Culture, toaccomplish all faces with  the true heart , from inside the heart to treat employees and  customers, enterprises adhere to the social entrepreneurship , eternal gratitude in mind, truly prompt itself to obtain sustainable development.

  • Leading


  • Innovative


  • Creative


  • Intelligent


Lici electric Inc. Commit to creating more value for customers through continuous innovation, to provide more intelligent magnetic total solutions, and strive to become the global magnetic industry leading brand.

Corporate culture

  • vision

    Promoting industry progress by technological innovation

  • management idea

    Create value for users, create platforms for employees, create benefits for shareholders, and create prosperity for society

  • Enterprise goal

    Strive to become world class enterprise and become a world class famous brand

  • Entrepreneurial goal

    Become one of the representatives of China's smart power generation, so that the world's 10 enterprises to use power magnetic fast switching system.

  • Core values

    Respect for heaven, love innovation and pragmatic, integrity professional

  • Technical idea

    High security, lean, automation, intelligence, humanization, system integration

Brand story


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